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  • imageWelcome to JV Giveaways Plus. Weather you are a JV Giveaway Promoter, Contributor, or Member our goal is to help you Master JV Giveaways and more. This website is totally dedicated to building email marketing lists by the use of JV Giveaway Events.My Name is Robert Mesa, a web and graphics designer, as well as an Internet Marketer. Through the years of trail and error, looking for ways to build my list. I found JV Giveaways to be the fastest and sometimes profitable ways to get the job done.Tour Welcome Make no mistake there are other ways to build your list. But JV Giveaways are unique, such that it also builds relationships at the same time. Eliminating 1 step.

    At JV Giveaway Plus we offer products and services that cover every aspect of the JV Giveaway process. Add to that we have an extensive video tutorial library on “What Are JV Giveaways” and “How-To” videos on using JV Giveaway Scripts. For convenience sake all our products are bundled under 1 year Memberships Plans, but you can purchase individual products through our Eshop as well. If you don’t find something you need, let us know and we will customize an existing product or build a new one for you.

  • imageOur product bundles offers a Huge Feature Advantage to any customer looking to Master JV Giveaways. All product bundles are package in 1 year Membership Plans. We believe in keeping our customer’s up to date and well informed is crucial to the success of their list building efforts. We have 4 Membership Plans and a $1.00 30 Day Trail offer [see price table].

    So what comes in a JV Giveaways Plus membership plan? Well that depends on the plan you choose. Here is a sample of our product bundles and services, which include User Guides, Checklists, Mind Maps, Blogs, Articles, Tips, Strategies, Reports, Video Libraries, PowerPoint Slides, Email Templates, OPT-In Templates, OTO Templates, Utility Software, new monthly Downloads, Blogs, Articles and Reports. For Promoter’s we offer Custom Skin Design and Custom Banner Design. Add-ons like, JV Giveaway Script installation, JV Giveaway Plus Video Library installation, Personal Coaching and Premium Support.←About UsBecome A Member →

  • imageWhy Memberships Plans? We believe this model gives the customer the best product value and support for the duration of the membership, in this case 1 year Membership Plans. In addition to the product value and support, as a member you become part of a segment of the Internet Marketing JV Giveaway Industry, learning and growing from those in the business. Plus you become part of the JV Giveaways Plus community. So when those times come around (and they will), when you are looking for an answer or solution, a membership plan like this one is likely to get you what you are looking for. You can also think of a membership as a self-help or community support group. Membership plans are a tried and tested model, and there is a lot of documented cases that membership plans do bring in results.Benefits of a Membership Plan. For the most part it is a modest “One-Time Only” fee through-out the duration of the plan. No product update fees. Online Support included. New content and downloads added monthly. Loyalty and commitment to our customers. Lastly, with our plans you can start off with an [Basic Plan] and upgrade your plan as needed. [Compare Plans].
  • imageThe User Guides and other materials on this website are based on one of the most highly recommended, user-friendly giveaway scripts in the Internet marketing world. The Ultimate JV Giveaway Script is a custom one-of-a-kind program created by Giveaway Event Marketing Expert and programmer, Scott Case.Having a targeted subscriber list is essential to having a successful online marketing business. Normally, it can take WEEKS or even MONTHS to build list with only a few hundred subscribers. And the work involved, building squeeze pages and then driving traffic to the squeeze page takes time.

    As an Internet marketer myself I look for top rated feature rich products. The Ultimate JV Giveaway Script by Scott Case is a fantastic script which has enable me to set up my own Giveaways, with incredible results. Not only do I recommend this Script I base my business on it – Robert Mesa.

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